Workflow Automation

Reduce the effort, time, and money spent on repetitive processes. Enable your workforce to spend more of their time on more impactful and valuable tasks.

Workflow Automation uses the efficiency of technology and programmable software to simplify business processes.

Our Bots are crafted specifically to your business requirements and are maintained to ensure peak performance and reliability.

Invoice Reconciliation / OCR Automation

Instead of spending hours entering invoice details in your accounting software, Output can automate this task. Benefits include: numerous hours of data entry saved, increased accuracy, real-time entries for up-to-date financial information.

Reporting & Analytics

Tell us if this sounds familiar:

  1. Accounting system: download specific reports.
  2. CRM system: download specific reports.
  3. Specific line of business application: download specific reports.
  4. Hours spent copying and pasting information into various spreadsheets, running pivot tables, applying formulas and macros to get the insights you need into your business KPIs.

Our Output bots will automate this for you but automatically pulling the data you need, applying calculations and formulas, and presenting the data on a dynamic business intelligence dashboard!

Jobber Data Dashboards

Are you a Jobber client but want more insights into your business KPIs? We are authorized Jobber partners and can create a KPI Data Dashboard to give you access to your important metrics: profitability breakdown, gross profit per job, revenue by product/service type, recurring vs new customers, cost of goods sold, billable hours.


KPI Profitability Breakdown
KPI Recurring vs New
KPI Performance Breakdown
KPI Product Breakdown
KPI Revenue Streams

Digitalization Services

Convert paper documents and forms to digital for access on a smartphone or tablet

Benefits: reduce paper costs, no more lost documents, implemented required fields so no information is missed, increase legibility and accuracy, attach photos, obtain signatures, get real-time information to where it needs to go.

Features: drop downs, require fields, signature fields, attach images, geo stamp, look-ups & auto-fills.

Automations: integrate with various systems, create approval flows, automate PDF template builds to send directly to clients.

Software Integrations

Many business add software systems over the years and they remained siloed to the business unit that uses them the most. Client data and information is also siloed and not shared between other BU’s or team members. Our custom software integration services can bridge the gap between those disparate systems and automate the flow of information.